Who We Are


People in the society generally do not attempt to get to know about things that are not related to them or the ones they feel is not very important for their living and drug addictions and the rehab centers fall under this category. But we try to educate the society on all these so that they get to know what it is, how to prevent it and what the symptoms of it are.

There are a variety of treatments offered to the patients who visit us and all these are for their comfort and the time zone which the patient or the family of the addict requests. Yes, treatments offered are the same but it is only the cost and the period of treatment that differs.




Some of the types offered by us are:

Long-term – here the treatment lasts for a period close to 2 months and in some cases even 3 months.


Short-term – here a patient is retained in the treatment centers for a period of just a month or sometimes less even.


Outpatient – this is for those who can handle themselves and the treatment side-by-side staying away from the centers.


Luxury - as the name suggests it is a luxurious treatment, not in terms of the extravagance offered but in terms of the money demanded. Here special attention is given to the patients during the treatment period.


State-funded programs – this is just the opposite of the above type and here the entire cost of the program is sponsored by the state. So it is limited and the numbers of people who come under this category are more.


Private – these are again like the luxury treatment options and it is very expensive but with some merits like priority in waiting lists, better and enhanced staff-patient relation and interactions etc…



For people who are of this thought, here is a clarification. Addiction is a killer habit which needs immediate attention and treatment and this is possible only when they step out confidently and fearlessly because unless they do is they will not be able to find a solution to their problem.

Did You Know?

So getting to know about the existence of rehab centers and the type of treatments they offer is most important, not just for those who are suffering from this problem but also for all others so that they will be able to recommend the services of such centers to those who are not aware of it.